Sister Bay Gets Donation for Pavilion Design

An anonymous couple has given $19,000 to the Village of Sister Bay to pay for the design of a pavilion and performance center at Waterfront Park.

In a letter committing the funds, the couple wrote that they would welcome the discussion of additional support for the construction of the facility.

”We feel that enjoyment of this beautiful park could be enhanced with the addition of a performance pavilion for weekly concerts and other special events,” the couple wrote in a letter to the board. They also emphasized that they were placing no conditions on the design of the facility and that the board is not obligated to construct the facility as a result of accepting the design funds.

“It blew us away” Village President Denise Bhirdo said of the contribution. “It’s just an incredible display of generosity, and it may enable us to move forward on a part of the park development that was likely going to be put off until years down the road.”

JJR Engineers will perform the design work for the pavilion.