Sister Bay Moves to Ban “Formula” Restaurants

The Village of Sister Bay has advanced an ordinance that would ban “formula restaurants” in the village. The move comes in response to bid to build a Subway restaurant in the village that was withdrawn in April.

Administrator Bob Kufrin said he researched the idea and found several communities that were able to institute a ban and defend it in court.

The proposal defines a formula restaurant as one of a group of three or more establishments that fits at least two of the following three descriptions: the same or similar name, trade name, or trademark as others in the group; standard group characteristics, including exterior design and architecture, uniforms, menus with food ingredients and preparation substantially identical to another restaurant regardless of ownership or location; and it is a fast food restaurant.

Drive-up windows and drive-throughs would be prohibited by the ordinance as well. Existing restaurants would be allowed to continue operations.

The village Plan Commission will consider the ordinance at its meeting Thursday at 5:30pm.

Click here to view the ordinance.