Sister Bay Soars in 2017 December Room Tax Collections

In keeping with the trend throughout 2017, the Village of Sister Bay posted the largest gains in room tax collections for the month of December compared to the previous year. Collections in Sister Bay were up 55.6 percent while occupancy rates in the village increased 20 percent in December year over year.

The increase in revenue collected in Sister Bay made up 65 percent of the total increase in room tax dollars collected across the entire county. Countywide, there was an 8.2 percent increase in room tax collections in December year over year.

However, big percentage gains in offseason months don’t hold very much weight. The 55 percent increase in Sister Bay amounted to $3,528, meaning the village sees $1,058 in additional revenue. The additional revenue makes up just .006 percent of the total amount Sister Bay collected in 2017.

Still, with little room to grow in the summer season, many communities are seeking to bolster their offseason occupancy and Sister Bay seems to be leading the charge.

Baileys Harbor similarly posted large gains in December (43.3 percent), although the difference only amounted to an additional $971 in room tax revenue.

Performance in individual communities was mixed. The City of Sturgeon Bay and the Village of Egg Harbor saw noticeable declines and the remaining communities were relatively flat.

Countywide occupancy rates increased by one percent and the average room rate increased by four dollars to $101.

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