Sister Bay Still Waiting for Pebble Beach Grant

When the Village of Sister Bay partnered with the Door County Land Trust to purchase Pebble Beach to save it from development in 2019, it hoped to offset the cost of the purchase with a grant from the state’s Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund. Nearly two years later, the village is still waiting for word from the state legislature about the grant award. 

“The Sister Bay grant application was objected to by the Joint Finance Committee [JFC] and will remain on hold until JFC convenes a meeting to vote on it,” said Pam Rood, grant manager of the Department of Natural Resources’ Bureau of Facilities and Lands. She did not say which members of the JFC objected to the grant application, and Village Administrator Beau Bernhoft said the village has not been informed who objected either. He said the village is working on strengthening its case for the grant award.

The Village of Egg Harbor also applied for Knowles-Nelson funds to purchase a portion of the Alpine Resort property to expand its public beach. A member of the JFC objected to that request as well. In response, Egg Harbor reduced its request to $249,000, and that amount was recently approved.