Sitte Challenges Mulliken Again in County Board District 19

Hugh Mulliken

Age: 63

Hugh Mulliken

Education: Orleans American High School, Orleans, France; United States Army Missile Command-Electronics Repair (1967); Southern Illinois University, BS in Industrial Technology (1971)

Occupation: Fine Home Design & Innkeeper – Lodgings at Pioneer Lane

Community Involvement: Two terms on Liberty Grove Town Board; three terms on Door County Board of Supervisors; Lake Michigan Land and Water Conservation Association (President); Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (Past-president); Member of Congressman Steve Kagen’s Service Academy Appointment Committee; Local liaison officer for the US Naval Academy; past board member of Midsummer’s Music and the Peninsula Arts Association; Ephraim Moravian Church Board of Elders; construction volunteer to the Caribbean and Central America with the Moravian church.

What skills and perspective will you bring to the county board? Having completed almost six years on the county board, I have learned much about state and county government and have worked hard on several long-term county issues. I want to see these issues through to completion. The county is entering a new era of budgeting and financing. Difficult decisions are ahead. I do not want to see the county enter into long term financing for re-occurring budget items.

Being an effective county board member requires dedication and work. My track record shows clearly that I care and study the issues. I have developed knowledge and skills unique to the committees on which I serve. I want to continue to use these skills to the benefit Door County.

It is my policy to study the issues, listen to others, then vote my conscious. My vote is not swayed by others on the county board. I’ve been recognized as “thinking outside the box” on many occasions and I bring many life skills that help with the tasks of the various committees.

It is my policy to keep an open dialog with the town officials of my district. Rare is the day that I do not communicate with a town official from one of the three towns in my district.

My board actions tell of fiscal responsibility. I helped bring a new income source for our jail. We are now housing State of Wisconsin inmates in a program that will provide over $100,000 of new net income for the county. I have voted continually against unwarranted increases in spending.

I support green issues. At the February county board meeting I introduced a county resolution that passed in support of the legislation being considered in Madison to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags. Currently the state is considering a state-wide ban on phosphorus in lawn fertilizer. This legislation is a direct result of my work on the county board.

I promise to remain dedicated to the job and want to thank all those who have supported and encouraged me in the past.

What are the priorities that need to be addressed by the board? Nobody has called and said they liked the recent increase in their county taxes. The record will show that I did not vote in support of the current budget, which passed by a slim 11 – 10 vote.

Without doubt, the most immediate issue facing Door County is our 2009 budget as it has long-term implications. In a nutshell, the county’s projected expenditures will exceed our expected revenues. Some board members favor using long-term debt to finance the projected budget shortfall. I suggest this course of action simply delays the necessity of reducing our expenditures or finding additional sources of income. It would reduce our immediate tax burden but puts the real cost on the generations to come.

The protection of our water and other natural resources is a continuing issue of importance. The primary focus of the Land Conservation Committee and the Lake Michigan Land and Water Association is the protection of these resources. As an active member of both organizations, I have developed a good understanding of the scope and programs within this area and I pledge to keep our waters protected.

The aging of Door County is another very important issue. We have reached what is termed zero natural growth in Door County. The state predicts that the county population will continue to increase, but during the next twenty years the child bearing population segment is predicted to drop significantly, while some of our older population segments are predicted to grow by over 100 percent. Our schools are feeling this trend. Why is this happening? There is no easy answer, but clearly both employment opportunities and affordable housing are limiting factors for young residents. We should seek to diversify our economic base and provide opportunities for our younger population so they can remain in this community.

Another issue of importance is development. Door County will grow, and how it grows is very important. This includes protection for all of our natural resources. My voting record on the Resource Planning Committee (RPC) is clear. I am conservative, yet responsible. The RPC sets the standards for development in most of the unincorporated areas of the county and I want to retain my appointment to this committee.

Donald E. Sitte

Age: 63

Education: Gibraltar High School

Occupation: Co-owner of On Time Printing, Inc. and Door County Road Runners Brochure Delivery Service

Community involvement: Served 10 years on the Baileys Harbor Town Board (two as Chairman); six years on Door County Board of Supervisors; nine years on Door County Board of Adjustment; Adjutant Billy Weiss American Legion Post 527 (President); Immanuel Lutheran Church Council; United States Navy Veteran; Secretary, USS WASP CV/CVA/CVS-18 Association.

What skills and perspective will you bring to the county board? My previous experience in both town and county government, along with my recent involvement in the creation and dedication of the Door County Memorial to Veterans has brought a new meaning and determination to again serve on the Door County Board. I hope to bring fresh ideas to the table for the future of Door County, economically, efficiently and fairly.

I am willing to meet with constituents to discuss issues and I encourage you to remember the three Rs – Return, Responsible, Representation. I have always had a good working relationship with my peers on any board or committee I have served on. That’s how to get important issues resolved.

What priorities need to be addressed by the board? Our board has raised our taxes over 13 percent. We must get our double-digit tax increase under control. It’s time for responsible spending. I would like to protect the integrity of Door County for our children, our grandkids, and future generations. We need to get high speed internet throughout Door County.