Six Candidates Selected for Gibraltar School Board Race

Gibraltar School District voters winnowed the list of eight candidates to six during the Feb. 16 primary election.

Those six candidates will now face off for three seats on the Gibraltar School Board in the April 6 election. 

With 100 percent of precincts reporting and a total 2,943 votes cast, the candidates who received the fewest votes were Alan Kroll, who had unofficially removed his candidacy, with 48 votes, or 1.63% of the vote; and Marc Savard, with 226 votes, or 7.68% of votes cast.

The six candidates who will appear on the April ballot are:

•Angela Sherman, 636 votes, 21.61% 

•Amie Carriere, 570 votes, 19.37%

•Cambria Mueller, 514 votes, 17.47%

•Erick Schrier, 343 votes, 11.65%

•Carrie Becker, 314 votes, 10.67%

•Jamie Christianson, 290 votes, 9.85%

Two write in votes were also cast.

The race was the only local primary in Door County.

The only state-wide race on local ballots was for Superintendent of Public Instruction. To learn the outcome of that race, check back later or see the Feb. 19 issue of the Peninsula Pulse.

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