Six-Hundred Trees Planted

The Forest Recovery Project’s Spring 2014 tree planting was a big success. Thirteen volunteers donated 42.5 hours of their time planting 600 native conifers at the Kangaroo Lake Preserve in Baileys Harbor. White Pine, Red Pine and White Spruce seedlings were hand-planted to help fill in the gaps and improve the native diversity of the former agricultural areas that are re-growing into forest. Cool and damp conditions this month continue to favor the young seedlings.

Many thanks to the young and young at heart planting stewards: Joni Witalison, Gary Witalison, Allura Witalison, Brady Witalison, Erik Smith, Suzi Hass, Betsy Palmer, Dave Bultman, Wyatt Bultman, Gerri Friedberg, John Skare and Dan Luedcke. Additional thanks to all who supported this planting effort in dollars and spirit and to Stephen Kastner at DesignWise Studios for donating website design and support.

The Forest Recovery Project (FRP) is building a 501(c)(3) fund to plant trees on public land every spring. Also, the Forest Recovery Project can assist in crafting a plan for carbon sequestration for individuals or businesses.

Currently, FRP is seeking volunteers to help with social media and outreach efforts. To donate time or money, email [email protected]. For more information visit