Skilled Nursing Facility at Door County Medical Center Expands Private Room Offerings

The Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) at Door County Medical Center (DCMC) is now offering an increased number of private rooms to residents. The facility has 22 private and four semi-private rooms. “We’re very excited to be meeting the demand for more private rooms,” says Judy Sinitz, RN, the SNF’s director of nursing, “and to continue to offer semi-private rooms for those who prefer that option.”

Residents who choose one of the newly renovated private rooms will still have plenty of opportunity for socialization. With the choice of communal meals, as well as daily group activities and individualized care, residents experience a home-like environment. In addition to creating more private rooms, the SNF also upgraded security measures to ensure residents’ safety.

DCMC’s Skilled Nursing Facility has consistently achieved an overall five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for their facility, staff and quality of care, placing it in the top 10 percent of long term care facilities in the nation. “In addition to our dedicated and caring staff, our SNF is distinguished by the fact that we are physically connected to the hospital and North Shore Medical Clinic,” says Sinitz. “This gives our residents unparalleled access to care.”

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