Southern Door Awarded Next Gen Gold Standard

Southern Door High School has been awarded a Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) Gold Standard distinction for the district’s commitment to educating all students in 21st Century personal finance skills. This past summer, NGPF analyzed 11,000 U.S. high school course websites to measure student access to comprehensive financial education. Southern Door High School was one of only 600 high schools nationwide to deliver the Gold Standard of a semester-long personal finance course as part of graduation requirements. The report shows that Southern Door High School is leading the way in the mission to bring financial education to all American students. The course is part of the Career & Technical Education Department’s Business pathway and taught by Maree Baumann. Patricia Vickman, Superintendent of Southern Door School District, describes why personal finance education is so important to her students:  “With today’s changing society and the increased demands for individuals to make good decisions regarding their financial planning, the required course at Southern Door provides all students with a necessary foundation in a life skill area as they transition into the adult world of school and work.”

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