Southern Door Fitness Center Memberships Available

The Southern Door Talon Fitness Center is available for residents of the Southern Door community with a membership fee of $100 per year. Membership allows residents access to the workout equipment in the fitness center during non-school and student use times. Talon Fitness is accessible to membership seven days a week. Monday through Friday, the hours are 5-7:30 am and 5-10 pm. On weekends, the hours are 5 am-10 pm. Interested residents should attend an enrollment meeting on Thursday, Jan. 12, at 6 pm in the high school library. New members will receive an orientation to the fitness center and training videos available. Members are required to view the Talon Fitness safety video, fill out a waiver release form, fill out a background check, and pay the $100 membership fee. A separate deposit of $25 is needed for fob access to the center. For more information, contact Jessica Kiedrowski at 920.825.7333, ext. 3315, or email [email protected].

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