Southern Door SHIELD Program Receives Grant

The Door County Community Foundation has awarded the Southern Door School District a Sustainability Grant from the Education Fund. This grant provides financial support for the SHIELD program, a district-wide educational program that stands for Students Helping, Involving, Educating, Leading & Deterring. The SHIELD program is a component of a county-wide initiative called Project 180, which is an organization designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices and develop student leaders with the goal of helping fellow students “Jump Above the Influence.” This AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) program encourages students to be strong, bold, and confident in their selves, their school and their community.

The two AODA Co-Advisers for SHIELD are Melissa Schley and Brandon Wautier who are both graduates of Southern Door High School and are now on the high school teaching staff. For more information, call 920.495.7880 or visit

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