Special Fiber Show at Turtle Ridge Gallery

The Chicago Botanical Gardens inspire Mary Ellen Sisulak’s work in plant and animal forms as she pairs stones with leather mixed-media paintings, and the gardens will host art by Sisulak during the American Craft Exposition – an exhibit of 140 fine artists – Sept. 19-22. 

She will show a series of native moths and butterflies in their habitat, intricately detailed with natural stones loosely representing cocoons and chrysalises. Tall plants such as teasel, allium and gracefully bending tulips with their exposed roots entwined around rocks are another theme.

This show will leave room in Turtle Ridge Gallery’s new art space for a special fiber show of Sisulak’s silk pieced wall hangings, in which digital printed pieces break up bold color fields. Subject matter includes aerial views of pastures, gardens and shorelines.

The fiber show will open Sept. 17. Turtle Ridge Gallery and Boutique (, 11736 Mink River Road in Ellison Bay, is open 10 am – 5 pm daily.


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