Special Meeting Will Review Egg Harbor Sidewalk Extensions

Plans for sidewalk extensions in the Village of Egg Harbor have caused frustration for enough property owners that the village board said it will schedule a special meeting to review the plan. The date and time of the meeting had not been set as of press time.

The board heard from several residents and property owners during its July 11 meeting who said they weren’t informed of the scope of the plan to add sidewalks and bike lanes, and to remove trees and green space on the north and south ends of the village. That project earned the village a $1.382 million Transportation Alternatives Program grant. Property owners have asked the village to reduce or remove the six-foot buffer between the curb and sidewalk that will require removing scores of trees along the roadway. 

The board has argued that the plan will make it safer for pedestrians to walk from the shops, hotels and condominiums on the edges of the village core.

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