Speed Limits Reduced

Welcome to “Notes from the Grove” providing information about Liberty Grove Town government to residents and visitors.

• At the last board meeting the discussion on changing the speed limit on Isle View Road was tabled, and the board voted to establish a 35 mph advisory speed limit on Garrett Bay Road south of Maplewood Lane leading into Ellison Bay. The proposal to establish no parking on Highway 42 near the Woodland Condominiums, was not approved by the board. The board has directed a study of the intersection of Highway 42 and Garrett Bay Road to see if improvements could be made for visibility and safety.

• The purchase of a traffic counter was referred to the Finance Committee. The DOT has informed the town that they will no longer do traffic studies on town roads. Wisconsin statutes require that local governments base all speed limit changes on a traffic engineering study which incorporates a speed and usage study. Minimum design standards for town roads are based upon the information gathered. Occasionally the town receives an inquiry regarding the acceptance of a private road to become a town road. For that to happen the private road must meet the basic standards of town roads, one of which is a minimum 20-foot travel way in addition to clear zone standards.

• The town has received notification that WPS has hired Asplundh Tree Expert Co. to perform maintenance cutting on the following roads: Garrett Bay Road, Birchwood Road, Cedar Dell Road, Door Bluff Park Road, Porcupine Bay Road, and Tipperary Road. The people doing this work are contracted by WPS and not related to any work done by the town. WPS has standards and specifications for the trimming.

• Flu shots will be available at the Town Hall on Oct. 22nd from 11 am until noon. The cost is $30 or Medicare part B card. No appointment necessary.

• The Finance Committee will have work sessions on the 2013 budget on October 10 at the Town Hall. A second meeting is scheduled for October 24. The meetings start at 9 am and are open to the public. After receiving budget requests from the various committees Administrator Kalms prepares the annual budget for the committee to review, possibly adjust and pass on to the town board. The town budget hearing is scheduled for November 12 at 6 pm.