Spring Break – Door County Style


Who needs obnoxious 20-somethings offering beer bongs on Fort Meyers Beach, the risk of injury downhill skiing on Copper Mountain, or the TSA hassling you about liquids in carry-on luggage? Why not try spring break Door County style?

1_We’ve still got beaches to visit…

2_A few restaurants may have temporarily closed their doors, but there are a plethora of fantastic options. (Welcome back, Blue Horse Cafe!)


3_The local animals are stellar staring contest opponents. (And they let you come so close you’ll feel like a Disney princess.)

4_You’ve got the time to perfect your own signature version of a Midwest staple – bars. Hi there, fudgy oatmeal M&M goodness!

5_You miss playing in the water, we know, but ice skating is kind of like water skiing. Just don’t think about it really hard.


6_There are no falling coconuts or beach peddlers to distract you from catching up on your reading. Lucky!

7_With the lingering chill, baggy sweaters are still necessary (hiding that lily white, not-quite bikini-ready bod a bit longer). Savor those chocolaty mochas while you can.

8_Some are skiing down mountains – you’re ripping fresh pow in your cross country skis. We boast dozens of sweet trails and spectacular views.

9_Craving some ethnic flavor? Grab a fizzy Jarritos and a try a dish off El Sazon’s ‘authentic’ menu. Delicioso!


10_Cap the night off with some Wisconsin flavor – grab a PBR (or two or three) at one of Door County’s friendly, cozy taverns.

11_We’ve got great live music year round from local and non-local musicians. We know you’ve been practicing your musical skills…Door County is home to many weekly and monthly open mics.

12_If you get snowed in – it’s known to happen this time of year in Wisconsin – cuddle up with your cat and catch up on the TV series everyone’s been talking about – Mad Men, Breaking Bad, or Downton Abbey.


You’re rested. You’re relaxed. You’re welcome.