Spring Election Preview

Three candidates square off for two supervisor positions.

Jerry Rupiper

Repeated attempts were made to contact Rupiper; however at the time of press, he did not respond to our questionnaire. Should information become available, it will be posted at

Randall Sorensen

1362 Jackson Harbor Rd., Washington Island


Family: Wife, Kathy; three grown sons, Mac Buettner (Beth and Story), Jim (Sara) Sorensen, and Randall

Age: 62

Education: High School; tool-maker apprenticeship

Occupation: Lineman for the Washington Island Electric Coop for 12 years

Previous Elected Office (if any): Town Supervisor for the past two years

Relevant Experience/ Civic involvement: Eight years as a volunteer fireman; several terms on the Trinity Lutheran Church Council.

Why are you the best choice for town supervisor?

I was born on the island, as were some of my grandparents and parents. I was raised in the Chicago area. I returned to the island in1976 and have lived here and raised my family here. I intend to remain here so my heart and mind are looking to the future to sustain the quality of life of the Island.

Because of my varied past I am able to look at and listen to all sides of the issues facing our community, before making a decision.

What is the number one issue facing the town and what is your position on it?

Maintaining our zoning and addressing all questions and concerns pertaining to what was in place, what is now in place and how we are moving forward to comply with the county-mandated comprehensive land use plan.

I believe we have a thoughtfully prepared zoning map and plan for future development.

What perspective and skills do you bring to the town board?

I am a long-time working island resident that has lived in the city. I have witnessed change for the good and short-sited mistakes that have occurred. I am an open-minded listener with a level-headed personality and intelligence.

What other issue or issues are a high priority for the town in the term ahead?

Garbage and wastewater disposal continue to be a top priority. Maintaining the beauty and tranquility of the Island community, while encouraging tourism and other stable economic growth.

Terri Moore

Terri Moore did not respond to our questionnaire by press time. Should information become available, it will be posted at