Spring Election Preview

Three candidates are running for two trustee positions.

David C. Miller

210 W. Main St. – PO Box 57, Forestville


Family: Wife Mary Ann; one daughter, one son, and two grandchildren

Age: 69

Education: High School; fire service training at NWTC; NIMS Training (Homeland Security)

Occupation: Retired

Previous Elected Office (if any): Forestville Trustee; Southern Door Fire Board Secretary; Forestville Athletic Club Secretary and Treasurer

Relevant Experience/ Civic involvement: Instrumental in forming Southern Door Fire Department in 1980 and became first Fire Chief for Southern Door Fire Department; spent 18 years as firefighter; presently serve on the Board of directors for the southern Door Fire Department and as secretary.

Why are you the best choice for village trustee?

I am presently serving on the village board, and I am aware of current problems facing the village.

What is the number one issue facing the village and what is your position on it?

The main issue facing the village is the obtaining of grants or funding to update the village sewer plant. I am in favor of searching for grants to keep the cost of monthly sewer fees to a minimum.

What perspective and skills do you bring to the board?

Having already served on the board as a trustee and the Southern Door Fire Board as secretary I am always aware of current activity in the village.

What other issue or issues are a high priority of the village in the term ahead?

Forming a Smart Growth Plan for the village; sewer lines and laterals for Main Street; keeping our village park and ball field upgraded.

Terrence (Terry) J. McNulty

300 E. Park St, Forestville


[email protected]

Family: Wife, Lori; twin daughters, Amber and Erin, age 12

Age: 39

Education: Southern Door High School Graduate; two Associate Degrees (Aeronautics, Gateway Technical College, 1990 and Civil Engineering Technologies, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, 1993)

Occupation: Business Owner, Land Surveyor, (self-employed), and Retired (1SG) Army Reservist

Previous Elected Office (if any): Past Commander for Forestville American Legion

Relevant Experience/Civic involvement: Business owner; Forestville resident of 11 years; volunteered for village park improvements; active member of Forestville American Legion; assistant manager of girls little league; and 20 years service as a soldier, trainer and supervisor/administrator in the army.

Why are you the best choice for village trustee?

I am the best choice for village trustee because I enjoy being involved with community activities and listening to people. My first goal on the board would be to learn more about the politics of the village. I hear the village needs new ideas. I want to convey to the board the concerns that people voiced to me, while circulating nomination papers. Also, I want to convey a sense of accessibility to the public on decisions made within the village. Maybe take the Village of Forestville in a new direction, but still take care of public works.

What is the number one issue facing the village and what is your position on it?

I guess our number one issue facing the village right now is the cleaning up of the old cheese factory building. Since it is condemned, I agree it needs to be taken care of, but the planning needed to take care of our sanitary system is my main concern.

What perspective and skills do you bring to the board?

I have an elementary knowledge of public works and ability to provide prompt and complete technical advice. I have developed a participative leadership style where I do enjoy hearing people’s concerns and suggestions, then in return make reasonable and sound decisions where I can be a voice for the people. Leadership of personnel, resources, and management as demonstrated by selection to a command position.

What other issue or issues are a high priority for the village in the term ahead.

The Forestville Sanitary System

Continued clean up of the village

Road repair and drainage issues

Gayle Gulley

331 S Forestville Ave, Forestville,

Occupation: Retired

Family: Husband Chuck, four children and two step children, eight grandchildren and two step grandchildren

Age: 67

Relevent Experience/Civic Involvement: President Door County Library Board;  President of Library Foundation; President of Forestville Library Board; Former Treasurer of Sturgeon Bay Business Women

Why are you the best choice for village trustee?

This is my second term and I have worked on many issues including the Cheese Factory Grant and sewer plant issues. I am a retired resident that has time to check out the issues. I have the desire to do my best for all the village residents.

What is the number one issue for the village in the term ahead? The DNR is requiring the village to do upgrades to the sewer system. This will be a challenge to seek funding and grants for the estimated $1.2 million cost to keep the price down for the 300+ residents.