Spring Issue of Wisconsin DNR Magazine Released

Just in time for spring, the latest issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine is packed with information about the state’s beautiful outdoors areas – and great ways to enjoy them. Anchoring the April issue is a story highlighting some of the many field trips organized by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin. “Unleash your wild side” includes trip dates and details, plus information on how to register for the excursions designed to accommodate a variety of interests and age groups. “Greener pastures” examines the emerging practice of conservation grazing on public lands and its benefits to both ranchers and wildlife managers, with a case study from the Buena Vista Wildlife Area. John Motoviloff’s regular feature, “Keeping it wild: Outdoor food and forays,” takes time for “Talking turkey, from field to fork,” addressing everything from how to handle the bird after the hunt to tasty ways to enjoy it at the table. Anglers won’t want to miss the 2017 Spring Fishing Report insert. Like so much else in the April magazine, it’s just in time to enjoy the season. Subscribe toll-free at 800.678.9472, online at or by mail. Subscription blanks and single issues are also available from their circulation office at PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707.

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