State to Maintain Chinook Salmon Stocking Levels

Following a series of public meetings and review of comments submitted by stakeholders, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will preserve Lake Michigan Chinook salmon stocking at current levels while maintaining a diverse and robust fishery. This will be accomplished by reducing stocking levels of other species. “We appreciate the public’s engagement in the process and for 2017, we intend to again stock some 812,000 Chinook in the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan,” said Todd Kalish, DNR fisheries bureau deputy director. “In the years ahead, we look forward to putting a variety of groundbreaking initiatives in place that build on the input we received.” In addition to maintaining current stocking levels of chinook, for 2017 the department will increase hatchery space for steelhead production but reduce stocking of other species such as lake trout and brown trout. For 2017, Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan waters will see the stocking of: 812,270 Chinook (same as 2016); 452,867 Coho (same as 2016); 300,000 lake trout (712,377 actual in 2016); 340,000 steelhead trout (269,512 in 2016); and 362,000 brown trout (727,014 in 2016). For more information including recent presentations on Lake Michigan management topics, visit and search “Lake Michigan salmon and trout meetings.”

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