State Superintendent Addressing School Staff Shortages

State Superintendent Tony Evers is engaging stakeholders from around Wisconsin to identify and propose solutions that help school districts address critical staff shortages. The work is being guided by the Professional Standards Council (PSC), the statutorily constructed group tasked with assisting and advising the state superintendent in improving teacher preparation, licensure, and regulation. “The educator workforce shortage is one of the most critical public policy issues facing our state,” Evers said. “We must look for long- and short-term solutions, identify what is driving shortages in Wisconsin and nationally, and search for actionable steps that can bring our schools and educators relief. Well-trained educational staff are critical partners in our work to prepare our kids for college and career.” The PSC is developing a strategic plan aimed at attracting people to the profession; preparing them for work; and developing, supporting, and retaining them through their careers. Once final, the state superintendent will engage the education community in reviewing the strategic plan and soliciting recommendations for implementation to ensure the quality of Wisconsin’s teaching workforce.

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