Statewide Management Strategy For Phragmites

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced a new guidance document, “Phragmites australis: A Statewide Management Strategy,” that lays out a Wisconsin-wide approach to managing the nonnative phragmites (or common reed): an aggressive wetland plant with a wide distribution across the continental United States. Because of its negative impacts on wetland function and areas developed for human use, it has long been the focus of many local management efforts in Wisconsin.

The guidance document – for novices and professionals alike – defines the obstacles to successful phragmites management, presents management alternatives, and recommends a collaborative, long-term strategy to guide control efforts by the DNR and local agencies. The document is expected to evolve as goals are achieved and priorities change.

Surface Water Grants administered by the DNR will prioritize phragmites-focused planning and control applications that use this strategy. The aim is to align site-specific and statewide goals and approaches.Find out more at, or download the guidance document at