Steel Bridge Songfest Kicks Off with Appreciation Night

Sturgeon Bay will soon be swarming with dozens and dozens of talented musicians from across the country (175 confirmed as of May 19!), coming together for Steel Bridge Songfest. The four-day festival, also featuring a weeklong songwriting intensive with 70 songwriters at The Holiday Music Motel called Construction Zone, takes place at various venues throughout Sturgeon Bay.

Steel Bridge Songfest begins June 12 with “Door County Appreciation Night.” That opening night all music and all venues are free and open to the public that night. $25 is all you need to catch the weekend performances.

The festival will culminate with “Take It To The Bridge One More Time! – A Celebration of the Life of Billy Tripplett” on June 15 (passes required). Triplett was the live-in recording engineer at The Holiday Music Motel. He was involved with every songwriting event (Dark Song, Love on Holiday, and Construction Zone at Steel Bridge Songfest) since 2009. He passed away unexpectedly in August of 2013. This is the first Steel Bridge Songfest without him and the first time for all of his extended musical family to return ‘home’ to Sturgeon Bay to celebrate and honor his memory. All songs performed on June 15 will feature songs written with, about, by, or recorded with Tripplett.

For more information about Steel Bridge Songfest and a complete schedule of events, visit, or pick up next week’s Peninsula Pulse featuring the 2014 Summer Live Music Preview.

Steel Bridge Songfest
Thursday, June 12 Schedule of Events

• Glas Coffeehouse (6-10pm)
Songwriting Showcases hosted by Jimm McIver and Vincent Gates featuring Andrea Wittgens, James Hall, Victoria Vox, Louise Goffin, Erin McFadden, Ruby James, Walter Salas-Humara, Tarl Knight, Caleb Navarrow, and more from the Steel Bridge Construction Crew.

• Kitty O’Reilly’s Pub (6-10pm)
Hosted by Jerry Duginski, featuring Mojo Perry, Miss Meaghan Owens, David Woods, Terry Murphy, The Chocolateers, Mark Croft, and John Stano.

• Nautical Inn Patio (6-10pm)
The Hollands!, Little Cisco, Little Diamonds Band, West Side Gypsys, Tony Brown.

• Butch’s Tavern (9pm-1am)
Hosted by Charlie Cheney, and featuring Secret Open Jam, Honey Get The Gun, The Extremes.

• Red Room (9pm-1am)
Mostly Water, Southside River Revival, Wells Division, Todd Richards Band, Ronnie Jay and The Standards.

• Cherry Lanes (9pm-1am)
Halo Denied, Ebinezer Lumberjack Cash, Purgatory Hill, The Legendary Songs of Crack Daniels, Traveling Suitcase.

• Poh’s (9pm-1am)
Hosted by Brett Newski, featuring Jerry Duginski, Gerald Pelrine, Julie B., Terry Murphy, Tomcat Joe, Walter Salas-Humara, Carley Baer, Kory Murphy, Geri X, Anna Jo, Ashley Jodarski, Genevieve Heyward, and John Stano.

• Brick Lot Pub (8:30pm-1am)
Hosted by Danielle French, featuring Belle Weather, Miss Scarlet and The Madmen, The Form, and Kim Manning.

• Untitled Used & Rare Book (9pm-1am)
Hosted by Charles Boheme, featuring David Cox, Troy Therrien, Gerald Pelrine, Lena MacDonald, David Cline, John Kanis, Vincent Gates, Lumberjack Cash, John Hvezda, Mojo Perry, Tomcat Joe, Liz Mueller, Haydee Irizarry, and Joanna Becker.