Steel Bridge Songfest: The Best of the Construction Zone

For three years, the Construction Zone has accompanied Steel Bridge Songfest. In the zone, festival songwriters hunker down to collaborate on songs using the steel bridge as a metaphor. This year, Steel Bridge Volume IV and V will be released, and some dedicated Steel Bridge fans combed through the first three volumes for the Pulse and come up with the top 10 tracks so far to give you a shortcut to the best sounds of Steel Bridge. To purchase any of the discs visit

10) “Our Lost Goodbye” Vol. 3

Written and performed by Don DiLego and Susan Howe

Slide guitar:  Tex Coyote

9) “Door County Girl” Vol. 2

Written and performed by Freedy Johnston and Mark Addison

8) “Water Wide” Vol. 2

Written and performed by Eric McFadden and Anna Sacks

Guitar:  Eric McFadden

Harmonium:  Sigmund Snopek III

7) “What Can I Do To Change Your Mind?” Vol. 1

Written and performed by Adam Mackintosh and Corey Carlson

6) “Leavin’ It All Behind” Vol. 2

Written and performed by Todd Carey, Freedy Johnston and melaniejane

Vocals and guitars:  Todd Carey, Freedy Johnston

Vocals and cello:  melaniejane

5) “Party On The Bridge” Vol. 2

Written and led by James Hall

Backing vocals:  The Steel Bridge Singers

Bass:  Gary Wertz

Drums:  Eric McFadden

4) “Songbird” Vol. 2

Written and performed by Geri X

Guitar:  Chris Aaron

Bass:  Tony Menzer

Drums:  Aaron Bethke

3) “Not Right Now” Vol. 2

Written and performed by Robby Schiller, Joe Crockett and Right On John

Mandolin:  Tex Coyote

Drums:  Aaron Bethke

Cello:  melaniejane

Keys:  Sigmund Snopek III

2) “Monument” Vol. 2

Written by Geri X. and Jonathan Spottiswoode

Vocals and guitars:  Geri X. and Robby Schiller

Mandolin:  Tex Coyote

1) “Steel Bridge Song” Vol. 1

Written and performed by pat mAcdonald

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