“Stop and Smell the Roses” at Base Camp Coffee Bar

“Summer Bouquet” by Pipka Ulvilden.

Still life painting is described as painting inanimate objects – these objects are painted for their symbolism, colors, shapes and perspectives. Pipka Ulvilden’s show, “Stop and Smell the Roses,” includes still life paintings as well as portraits with a floral theme and collage elements.

“My inspiration came from the dull skies and whipping winds of the endless winter,” said Ulvilden. “I wanted to paint something cheerful to lift my spirit.”

Her vibrant, fresh and whimsical paintings are vignettes that hold the promise of brighter, warmer days when spring arrives with the cheerful faces of daffodils.

“The earth awakes again and again reminding us of the beauty that is all around us. We just need to remember to stop and smell the roses,” adds Ulvilden.

“Stop and Smell the Roses” will be exhibited at Base Camp Coffee Bar, located at 10904 Highway 42, through July 1.