Story of Dr. Eames Concludes

The final episode in the continuing story of Egg Harbor’s Dr. H.F. Eames will be told in a free program on Jan. 28. Presented by the Egg Harbor Historical Society, the program begins at 1 pm at the Kress Pavilion in Egg Harbor.

Dr. Eames served the people of Egg Harbor for 45 years, but he was much more than a doctor. Eames once owned the largest orchard in Door County, a prize herd of dairy cattle, a shipping wharf and a general store, and he raised as many as 200 hogs on his 640-acre farm. He was also an activist in the educational, political and social affairs of Door County.

Dr. Eames started as a true horse-and-buggy doctor who ran his practice from his home and made house calls as needed. He made his final home visit on a day in July 1937. After returning from making five home visits, he sat down in his favorite chair and died at age 78.

Some of today’s older local residents recall their parents telling about how Eames saved their lives during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917-19.

The Kress Pavilion is located at 7845 Church St. in Egg Harbor.

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