Stretching Beyond the Boundaries

“Hold Still,” from the Only Child Series, by Suzanne Rose.

Suzanne Rose will exhibit a portrait of her daughter in the upcoming 6th annual Door Prize for Portraiture at Chez Cheryl Art Space, June 26 – July 31.

Rose commented about the portrait: “At thirteen years old, my daughter has begun to stretch beyond the boundaries of childhood. Boundaries, in which I’ve always held her close, to nurture and keep safe. She is now coming into her own, in mindset and personality – a burgeoning adult is manifesting before me. She grows taller, stronger and more beautiful with each passing day. She has become a blur of energy and momentum as I feel her grip of my hand, a grip she has always chosen to hold tight, begin to loosen as she has her sights on her future. Mothers with grown daughters have all warned me of this transition – I’m trying my best to channel their wisdom and embrace the change as I continue to contribute to this growth and personal expansion. But, at times, all I want to do is just quietly ask her just to hold still. Hold still for a little bit longer so I can remember this time with clarity.”

For more information about Rose’s photography and workshops, visit or call 920.365.6952. Chez Cheryl is located at 8360 High Plateau Road, off County EE, west of Baileys Harbor.