Striver Silver Gymnasts First at Two Meets

The Door County YMCA Striver gymnastics team tumbled to victory over the past two weekends.

The Strivers hosted their first home meet in four seasons on Jan. 27, when the team’s Xcel Silver gymnasts placed first in the six-team “Flipping in Door County ” meet with a score of 112.3.

Medals for the Silver group included the following:

• Evelynn Kelsey (12 and older) won gold in the all-around (37.2), floor, beam and bars, and silver on the vault.

• Lauren Gaida (12 and older) won the vault and earned silver on the floor, beam, and the all-around (37.15). 

• Ellie Kelsey (11 and under) won gold in the all-around (37.15), floor, vault, beam, and bars. 

• Sawyer Soukup (11 and under) earned silver in the all-around (36.70), bars and vault. 

• Brinley Newton (11 and under) won gold on the bars.

• Delaney Allen (11 and under) earned silver on the bars.

Strivers Xcel Platinum gymnast Shaylyn Asher won the all-around (35.7), vault and bars. 

Level 7 gymnast Amira Anschutz (14 and under) won gold on bars, silver on vault and bronze in the all-around (35.85). Estelle Duerst earned bronze on the vault, beam and bars. In the 15 and older age group, Portia Hah won gold on bars.

Sheboygan Snowflake Invite

The Strivers competed last weekend at the 35th Annual Sheboygan Snowflake Invitational involving seven teams.

Door County’s Xcel Silver team placed first with a score of 111.2.

Leading the team were Lauren Gaida (12 and older) and Ellie Kelsey (nine and under). Lauren Gaida won gold in the all-around (36.95), floor, vault and bars. Ellie Kelsey earned gold on beam, silver in the all-around (36.45), bronze on bars and placed fourth on beam. 

Sawyer Soukup won gold on the vault, silver on the floor and placed fourth in the all-around (36.05).

Additional top-five finishers for the Silver team were Evelyn Kelsey,  Brinley Newton, Keira Clark and Greta Virgin.

Level 7 gymnast Estelle Duerst earned gold on bars, silver on vault and all-around (35.80) and bronze on beam.

The Strivers will compete again in early March at the Kettle Moraine YMCA and March 16 at the YMCA State Gymnastic Tournament hosted by the Fond du Lac YMCA.