Sturgeon Bay Adopts $7 Million Tax Levy

Scott Moore was the only member of the public at the special Nov. 4 meeting of the Sturgeon Bay Common Council’s annual budget deliberation, but he did not speak during the public-hearing portion of the meeting.

The city’s 2020 budget includes expenses totaling $17,685,545 and a tax levy on all taxable property of $7,048,988.

A memo from City Administrator Josh VanLieshout that accompanied the budget packet informed the council members that the budget summary they would vote on was absent the state school levy tax credit and the tax increment calculation worksheet from the state, as well as county numbers.

He also pointed out that, as dictated by the state Department of Revenue, the city cannot increase its 2020 budget more than 2.5 percent above the 2019 budget. The city met that mark by decreasing the General Fund Contingency by $46,500.

In order to keep the projected tax-levy increase to a projected 2.7 percent, the council took several items from the 2020 capital budget and decided to purchase them using 2019 capital surplus. Those items include chairs for the council chambers ($5,100); fire department hoses ($2,500); a mobile water pump ($15,000); tool box ($4,000); ice rink flooding hoses ($3,000); and picnic tables for Graham Park ($5,000), for a total of $34,600.

Val Clarizio, finance director and city treasurer, said once the paperwork is in for the schools and the county, the formal budget will be issued electronically to the council members, and tax bills will be generated and mailed in early December.

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