Sturgeon Bay Granary Closed Due to Safety Concerns

On May 26, Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Timothy Dietman issued a Notice of Emergency Action for what is known as “the granary” on Sturgeon Bay’s waterfront at 92 E. Maple St.

Chief Dietman inspected the granary and determined the building “contains respiratory and human health hazardous substances which render the premises unsafe for human habitation or occupancy.”

As a result, effective immediately the Fire Chief is banning entry to the premises. The City of Sturgeon Bay is complying with this action by installing a fence around the property to further discourage entry into the building. Door County Sanitarian, John Teichtler, also inspected the property with the Fire Chief. Teichtler stated the granary “is in a state of disrepair and has many holes” in which cats, birds and rodents have entered the building. As a result, odors emanate from the structure causing a human health hazard due to respiratory illness.

The City of Sturgeon Bay has invested in saving the granary to preserve this unique structure on the waterfront. Following inspection, a consulting engineer completed a structural analysis after which the City of Sturgeon Bay stabilized the building by installing internal cables to prevent collapse. In complying with the Fire Chief’s order, the City has installed signage on the building and a fence blocking entry.

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