Sturgeon Bay High School Receives ‘Robo Call’

Through law enforcement communication and the Department of Justice we know there have been a series of threats communicated to schools via “robo calls” in multiple communities and states since Monday, March 23.

At approximately 9:45 am on May 25, a secretary at Sturgeon Bay High School answered the phone and heard a “robo call” message. The Sturgeon Bay Police Department was contacted, officers were dispatched to gather information and perform a safety check at the SBHS campus, and each school office in the district was notified in case a similar call would be received.

Given both the context and assessment at that time, school continued as scheduled without any further robo calls or disruptions at the high school, or other schools in the school district.

In case anyone was near the high school and saw students and staff members outside the building on the morning of May 25, a regularly scheduled monthly fire drill had been conducted at approximately 8:45 am.

While situations of this nature can certainly vary, gathering all information available in order to assess any threat or perceived threat is critical, as is considering the context of the situation. Neither the police department nor school district believed there was any threat to the wellbeing of any students or staff members at Sturgeon Bay High School, or other schools in the district.

Both the police department and school district will continue to keep safety in mind. If there are further developments or incidents, we will continue to do our best to address the situation first and foremost, and then communicate as we are able to do so.

Joint Release from the Sturgeon Bay Police Department and the School District of Sturgeon Bay

Arleigh Porter, Chief of Police

Dan Tjernagel, Superintendent of Schools

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