Sturgeon Bay Holiday Art Crawl Door Prize Winner Named by Sturgeon Bay Holiday Art Crawl

When the 10th Anniversary Sturgeon Bay Holiday Art Crawl came to an end a few weekends ago, one last item of business remained: choosing a lucky winner of the annual Door Prize. The winner, chosen randomly from slips filled out by the hundreds of visitors to the artists’ studios, is Janet Peters of Sturgeon Bay, a long-time Art Crawl visitor.

This year’s prize was a donation of Art Crawl participant Michael Doerr of Michael Doerr Woodworking. The woodworker created the 15” x 32” one-of-a-kind bread and cheese board from maple, cherry, sassafras, yellow heart and purple heart woods. He collaborated with artist Sandra Martinez, of Martinez Studio, on the design.

Doerr’s fine furniture has been chosen for shows such as the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City and the Philadelphia Fine Furnishing Show. He feels his studio is “a place where the soul of the tree meets the spirit of the craftsman.” His work can be seen at Doerr Woodworking, 4371 County Road M, and at Martinez Studio, 5877 Hwy 57. More information about the Art Crawl may be found at

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