Sturgeon Bay Reviews Waterfront Redevelopment Plan

On Sept. 20, the Sturgeon Bay City Council went into closed session to review two items involving the West Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

Because of the current lawsuit blocking the waterfront aspects of the plan, the hotel project has been held up and, several parameters of the original hotel development agreement need to be revised if the project is to go forward. The developer, Waterfront Redevelopment Authority, and city council are negotiating a possible extension of the development contract. Upon completion of negotiations, any amendment will be a matter of public record.

“It is important to make sure residents understand that just because an item appears on an agenda for action, does not mean that action will be taken,” said Mayor Thad Birmingham. “Agendas and items are posted in manner that allows the council, if they see fit, to make a decision or not.”

No decision was reached by the council with respect to amending the agreement. It is anticipated that this item will be considered again at the next council meeting. The West Waterfront Redevelopment Project is an effort by the City of Sturgeon Bay and Waterfront Redevelopment Authority to convert the former U.S. Coast Guard yard and Door County Co-op site into a 1.3-acre public waterfront park.

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