Sturgeon Bay News Notes: Therma-Tron-X Addition, Fence-Fixing Directive

Therma-Tron-X Addition Approved

Sturgeon Bay’s Industrial Park Development Review Team agreed last week to approve a 3,327-square-foot building addition and a 122-square-foot vestibule for Therma-Tron-X at 1155 S. Neenah Ave.

City planner/zoning administrator Stephanie Servia said the addition being constructed on the east side of the building will fill a gap in the existing structure facing the intersection of South Neenah Avenue and East Deck Street, where there are currently garage doors and pavement, and match the existing building for materials and colors.

Servia said the addition, to be used as maintenance space, will also meet the requirements for the zoning code and industrial park development standards, and it will not negatively affect the parking spaces, landscaping or impervious surfaces.

Colin Meisel, who submitted the application for the addition on behalf of Therma-Tron-X, said minimum pavement removal/replacement and some landscaping will also be done with the project.

Fence-Fixing Directive

The city’s Industrial Park Development Review Team also decided last week to give Door County Scrap Metal until the third quarter of 2024 to complete the fencing surrounding its property at 1456 Shiloh Road.

Servia reported that the fence needed to be extended in the northwestern corner of the property because it was not properly screening the view of the outdoor storage on the site, and the entire fence should be painted a uniform earth-tone color.

Though the requirements for the site set forth by the Industrial Park Development Review Team were put in place back in May 2015 and never fulfilled, Servia said Door County Scrap Metal has changed hands since then.

When contacted by city staff last month, Travis Mueller of Door County Scrap Metal stated that the company was not aware the fence needed attention.

Otumba Park Court Resurfacing Approved

A bid of $49,994 from Valley Sealcoat of Appleton to resurface the tennis courts and basketball court at Otumba Park was approved last week by the Sturgeon Bay Common Council.

Municipal services director Mike Barker said the approved bid option includes the use of a binder and fiberglass prior to finishing to provide a longer-lasting finished product than the less expensive option with the more traditional sealant.

Barker said Valley Sealcoat’s bid, which was the lowest of the two bids the city received, stayed under the $50,000 budgeted for this year to do the project.

“Unfortunately, like we’ve seen a lot of in the past couple of years, this will not be done until next year,” Barker said, adding that he expects the resurfacing will likely take place in June 2024.

Expansion of City Arts Board Proposed

A recommendation is being forwarded to the Sturgeon Bay Common Council to expand the city’s Local Arts Board from five to seven members to include more artists or arts-community members.

Both the Local Arts Board and the Joint Parks and Recreation Committee/Board have backed the ordinance amendment.

The Local Arts Board would continue to have an elected Common Council member, who is on the Parks and Recreation board, to go along with six local arts-community representatives. District 1 alderwoman Helen Bacon currently chairs both boards.

The mayor would continue to appoint members, subject to Common Council approval, for a three-year term, with the members’ service limited to three consecutive three-year terms. Members who serve three consecutive terms may be asked to serve again after being off the board for three years.

This map shows the areas where crack sealing will take place this year on Sturgeon Bay’s west side. Submitted.
This map shows the areas where crack sealing will take place this year on Sturgeon Bay’s east side. Submitted.

Crack-Sealing Contract Awarded

The Sturgeon Bay Common Council has awarded a $71,245 contract to Fahrner Asphalt Services for this year’s crack-sealing program. The company submitted the low bid of three, with the other two bids more than double that amount.

City engineer Chad Shefchik said the awarded bid includes all the roadways and municipal parking lots in Sturgeon Bay that are currently in need of crack sealing.

“If a road is too far gone, you just spend a lot of money and make a big tar mess, but if you can get [to] roads at the right periods of time in their life of service, you can help extend the life by minimizing the amount of water that gets in underneath the street and damages it through freeze-and-thaw cycles,” he said.

Shefchik said the summer of 2020 was the last time crack sealing was completed in the city, and a two-to-three-year period for doing crack sealing “has worked pretty well for the city.”

With $191,000 included in the city’s 2023 capital roadway improvement budget for the crack-sealing work, Shefchik said he didn’t anticipate a bid coming in at $71,245.

“I think that the low bidder may [have] anticipated that they might not have to touch up as many existing cracks as they may need to, and the second-lower bidder [American Pavement Solutions] probably figured on touching up a lot of cracks they wouldn’t have needed to,” he said.

Shefchik said Fahrner Asphalt Solutions is a reputable company that has successfully completed several jobs for the city in the past and is “one of the biggest names in the business [for crack sealing].”

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