Sturgeon Bay Parking Tickets Increasing by $10

It will now cost $10 more for people who receive parking tickets in Sturgeon Bay.

The Common Council approved the second reading of an ordinance Oct. 4 to increase the fine for parking violations, except for illegal parking in disabled spaces, from $15 to $25.

If the fine is not paid before the court date listed on the citation, or if the person who receives the citation does not appear in court on the date listed, that forfeiture will now be $35, up from $25.

It’s estimated that the $10 increase for parking tickets will generate an additional $3,000 annually, according to a staff memo prepared by Assistant Police Chief Daniel Brinkman.

The Community Protection and Services Committee recommended the increase because it’s been almost 20 years since parking fines were last increased, according to District 3 Alder Dan Williams, who chairs the committee. Brinkman’s memo said the fine for parking tickets was last increased in December 2003, from $5 to $15.