Sturgeon Bay Police Report Counterfeit Bill

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department reported that a counterfeit hundred dollar bill was used at a local business this week.

They advise people to be aware when taking large bills and be educated on what to look for. According to, there are several built-in security features to look for in the 2013-issue $100 bill. They include raised printing, which should give a slightly rough feel to the paper, which is a unique blend of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen. Tilt the note and the “100” in the lower right corner and the bell in the inkwell should change color from copper to green. Images of bells and 100s are on the 3-D security ribbon woven into the bill – tilt the bill from side to side and the images will move up and down. Hold the note to a light to see the security ribbon to the left of Benjamin Franklin’s portrait – it should read “USA 100.” Holding it to a light, you should also be able to see a faint watermark image of Franklin from either side.

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