Sturgeon Bay Publisher to Release Young-Adult Novel

Author and musician Terence Winch has recently signed a publishing contract with Sturgeon Bay publisher Four Windows Press for his first novel, a young-adult work called Seeing-Eye Boy.

Winch is the Bronx-born son of Irish immigrants, and Seeing-Eye Boy comes out of his gritty upbringing in the Irish ghetto, bringing to life the Irish-immigrant world of 20th-century urban America and offering an inside look at a lost universe where two cultures blended.

Winch has published eight books of poems and two story collections and has earned an American Book Award, the Columbia Book Award and an NEA poetry fellowship. A founder of the original Celtic Thunder band, he wrote the group’s best-known song, “When New York Was Irish.”“This is an important book we are hoping will compete for the Newbery Award and other major honors,” said Thomas Davis, who manages Four Windows Press with his wife, Ethel Mortenson Davis. “Signing an author of Winch’s stature to a publishing contract is an important accomplishment for what Four Windows Press is trying to accomplish.”