Sturgeon Bay Students Visit Waseda Farms

Students in Sturgeon Bay High School’s Sustainable Living and Food and Nutrition classes visited Waseda Farms recently to taste some unusual vegetables, eat edible flowers and take a wagon ride to check out the farm’s cattle and pastures. They appreciated the Waseda Farms team of Jeff, Tom, Dave and Sayard for the fantastic tour.


Students saw Waseda Farms’ mission in action. The organization seeks to “grow, cultivate, produce and distribute the best certified organic, sustainably and responsibly raised food available while educating families of the benefits of eating well.”

Students who take Sustainable Living, now in its second year, learn how to live more sustainably by studying waste, energy, water, transportation and food. They learn how to preserve food that was grown in the school’s greenhouse – the Waseda Farms Growing and Learning Lab – through pickling, freezing and dehydrating. They also study chemical use and make their own deodorant, foaming hand soap and toothpaste. Working in the greenhouse gives students hands-on skills in growing food and opens discussions about conventional farming versus organic farming. Guest speakers also enhance the curriculum.Students in the Food and Nutrition course focus on eating healthfully: knowing where food comes from and consuming “real food” instead of processed food.

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