Sue Pieper Featured at Off the Wheel Pottery

Off the Wheel Pottery is excited to host a show of collage, paintings and jewelry by mixed media artist, Sue Pieper. An opening reception for the show will be held on Friday, June 19, 5 – 7:30 pm.

Pieper’s collage pieces are assembled in multiple layers, oftentimes including up to ten layers. The layering of papers, paint and images, then sanding places down and adding more elements, give each collage a history of sorts that tells a story when it’s done. By looking closely, one may find anything from garter belts to game pieces in her work. Pieper’s jewelry is very unique and each piece is truly one of a kind as she hand forges all the components and adds stones, pearls and found objects.

Pieper is a self-taught collage artist who lives with her husband, cat and two dogs in a renovated farmhouse in Dyckesville, WI. Pieper says she is a “learning junkie” and takes several classes each summer at Valley Ridge Art Studio with some of the top mixed media artists in the country. Her work will be on display at Off the Wheel Pottery through August 22.

Renee’ Schwaller, resident potter at Off the Wheel Pottery, will have a special collection of drinking vessels to show during the opening reception. Some will be carved with the sgraffito technique she is typically known for and some are decorated with layered glazes and wax resist designs.

Off the Wheel Pottery, located 1.3 miles east of Highway 42 at 4234 County Rd. E in Egg Harbor is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am – 4:30 pm.