Summer Exhibits at The Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace

“Portal” by Kimberley Lyon.

Worlds Within – A Journey Through a Universe of Glass will be on exhibit from June 22 through July 28. Artist Kimberly Lyon’s macrophotography of kiln-formed glass art reveals the intriguing and amazing images created by flowing molten glass.

Lyon begins by creating fused glass melts, where small pieces of glass are heated either in pots with various sized and shaped holes in the bottom or on steel mesh. The molten glass flows through the holes or around the metal creating interesting patterns and shapes. Once the glass is cool, Lyon photographs small areas finding intricacies that cannot be seen without magnification.

Lyon began exploring and working with glass in 1989 while employed as a research biochemist in New York. When she and her husband moved to Wisconsin in 1992 she left the laboratory behind and opened Ladybug Glass Studio, creating original stained and fused glass items. Recently Lyon has found a new direction and has been creating her photographic images of her newest kiln-formed glass pieces – pot melts.

“Spring” by Lacie Kostka.

“I love playing with glass – it has so many forms and can be used in so many different ways,” comments Lyon. “The way that light and glass mix is always exciting. It’s almost as if the glass has a life of it’s own. My goal is to create glass pieces that make people smile, maybe reminding them of a special time in their life.”

Lacie Kostka’s fine art photography will be on exhibit from June 29 through August 4. The unifying theme in Lacie’s work is entropy – the idea that things are perpetually and inevitably breaking down or falling apart, be it social, personal, or environmental. In many ways it’s about the reaction to this breakdown – not only the sadness and loss of control but the beauty and purpose in that loss. Letting go is essential. This is also reflected in her philosophy as an artist. “Once a work is released into the world, the artist ceases absolute ownership on it and the content and meaning become the viewers’. For me, this is when art becomes really interesting, when the dialogue begins.”

Kostka was born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin. She spent her twenties moving around the state and meandering her way through college. She ended up at the University of WI – Oshkosh, where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Art in photography and graphic design, along with a philosophy minor.

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