Sunken Boat Owner Tracked Down in Mississippi

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials said they had a difficult time tracking down the owner of the Joseph R, a 52-foot fishing trawler that sank last week while docked at Madelyn Marina in Sturgeon Bay.

They finally located the owner, Todd Ruleau of Menominee, Mich., in Mississippi and told him under state law he has 30 days to do something about the sunken boat.

Chris Jeanquart of Madelyn Marina said Ruleau had been living on the boat until last September when he took a job in Mississippi.

Jeanquart said the Joseph R was still floating as of the evening of Thursday, March 26, but had sunk by the 27th.

Ruleau informed the DNR that he had sealed the diesel tanks and used special threaded plugs. Although there was no diesel leakage, Jeanquart placed a boom around the boat, just in case.

“I thought it still wise to put boom around it,” Jeanquart said.