Sunshine House Creates Resale Program

For more than 25 years, the Sunshine House has been in partnership with North Central Wisconsin Goodwill, supporting their mission of “elevating people, transforming communities” through donations and following their example of providing job training and placement to those with special needs and disabilities. With all the donations the Sunshine House receives, they have decided to create a resale program with proceeds benefiting Sunshine House.

To put things into perspective, Sunshine House receives 32,000 pounds of merchandise each week. They plan to resell about 10 percent of that, while the other 90 percent will go directly to Goodwill. Items to benefit Sunshine House are sold online or in resale shops around the county.

Annie Williams is the new online resale coordinator. For more information email her at [email protected] or visit the Sunshine House Facebook page to see some of the items for sale.

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