Sunshine Resources Offers Firestarters

Sunshine Firestarters – a product of Sunshine Resources of Door County – make it easy for campers, vacationers and homeowners to quickly and easily light campfires, fire pits, barbeque grills, wood-burning fireplaces, wood stoves and more.

Manufactured using recycled wax, Sunshine Firestarters are easy to use by lighting the wick or the edge of the cup. They’re available in packages of 10; they’re safe, waterproof and clean burning; and they’re produced and packaged in-house by Sunshine House clients.

All profits support people with disabilities and special needs at Sunshine Resources, a nonprofit dedicated to enriching lives and nurturing and inspiring the human spirit.Purchase Sunshine Firestarters at many Door County retailers and at the Sunshine ReSale Store, 45 E. Walnut St. in Sturgeon Bay. Learn more by calling 920.743.7943.

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