Super Bowl Demonstrations at TR Pottery

Celebrate Super Bowl week by watching potter Tony Gebauer create super large bowls. TR Pottery will be open 10 am – 2 pm, Jan. 30 through Feb. 2, with demonstrations taking place each day from noon to 1 pm.

“Winter is a time when I like to make larger pots. They take more time to make and during the winter I have more time. Visitors also seem to have more time and seem to enjoy sticking around and watching the whole process,” said Gebauer. “This time of year my wife Renée and I eat a lot of citrus fruit. As I make each super bowl I envision it filled with grapefruit and oranges.”

Gebauer makes functional pottery but he recognizes that people often buy his larger works as display items. The completed super bowls will be 20-24 inches in diameter, as pieces made larger than that wouldn’t fit into his kilns. The scale of these large pots allows them to become a focal point on a countertop or table.

TR Pottery has a selection of completed super bowls as well as bowls of varying sizes, mugs, cups, vases, wine chillers, candle pillars, spoon rests and more. TR Pottery is a gallery and working studio located at 4133 Main Street in Fish Creek, next to The Cookery. For more information visit


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