Support Women Artists During Progressive Art Crawl

The proprietors of the Women’s Fine Art Galleries of Egg Harbor are hosting their annual progressive art crawl on Aug. 11, 4-8 pm, and offering a diversity of art and food at each gallery during this art celebration.

The Angela Lensch Gallery is a 3D-focused gallery that features Angela Lensch’s hand-woven gold and silver jewelry and outdoor kinetic sculptures in copper and brass by Lensch and Tony Bessen.

Work by Angela Lensch.

Cappaert Contemporary Gallery is Ginnie Cappaert’s working studio and gallery, which also represents 40 other regional and national artists who work in painting, glass, clay, jewelry, sculpture and encaustic. Cappaert is known for her oil and cold-wax minimalist abstract landscape paintings.

“Serendipity” by Ginnie Cappaert.

Off the Wheel Pottery is Reneé Schwaller’s working pottery studio and gallery, where visitors can find handcrafted ceramics, as well as paintings by Jeanne Kuhns and other artists, glass, pottery and garden art by 30 regional and national artists.

Work by Reneé Schwaller.

Brilliant Stranger is the gallery, work and event space of artist and designer Dawn Patel, who offers a fair-trade–collaborated clothing line, wearable art, paintings, handcrafted acoustic guitars, jewelry and an eclectic selection of handmade goods.

“Tanglewood” by Dawn Patel.

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