Sushi on Tap

The AC Tap offers sushi rolls every Tuesday. Photo by Len Villano.

While the first impression upon entering the back door of the AC Tap may not seem like the typical aura for the sushi savvy, the oriental lights strung across the bar and the five roll selection offers inspiration to take part in this Tuesday night special.

In a county (at least the northern half), where sushi is hard to find, the AC Tap, commonly referred to as “the Tap” by locals, provides a meal loved by many. On Tuesdays, the Tap offers a comfortable bar and an exotic meal that won’t typically be found in a spot with a pool table and jukebox. For around the cost of eight dollars, one can enjoy any of the Tap’s five sushi roll options: Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Ginger Fish, Smoked Whitefish, and California Rolls.

I met a few friends for sushi last week and got the Spicy Tuna. I, unfortunately, only have sushi a few times a year, so a Tuesday night out for an exotic meal with friends was indeed a unique weeknight in the middle of a dreary spring.

(Left to right) Regular AC Tap sushi-goers Jackie Nelson, Brandon Elkins, and Sally Slattery enjoy their freshly prepared rolls. Photo by Len Villano.

With a plate full of Spicy Tuna Roll, thinly sliced ginger, a small amount of Wasabi Sauce, and a pint of not-so-exotic Pabst Blue Ribbon, I was good to go.

While initially unsure of my not-so-finely tuned Chopstick skills, I managed to finish my meal, and only spilled two drops of tuna (a much improved utilization of this tool in comparison to my previous sushi experiences). A sushi roll with a little soy sauce is hard to top and a piece of the thinly sliced ginger in between a few rolls provides a refreshing cleansing of the palate. In fact, an inflammation of my nostrils was the only negative aspect of the meal when I overdid it once on the Wasabi. A mistake I will be sure to avoid next time when enjoying a trendy meal in the confines of one of the county’s most beloved bars.

The AC Tap, located at 9322 Highway 57 near Baileys Harbor, serves sushi rolls every Tuesday beginning at 6pm. For more information call 920.839.2426 or find AC Tap on Facebook.