Sustainability for Communities Presentation

Sustain Door, Inc. and the League of Women Voters of Door County (LWVDC) have joined to sponsor a public presentation by Roger Kuhns, Ph.D.

The presentation will be about the short-term and long-term challenges facing communities and individuals in regard to resource scarcity and climate change, and will examine these challenges in light of community economics. The program will take place at the Sevastopol Town Hall Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 7 pm.

Dr. Kuhns, who has over 28 years of professional experience as a geologist, sustainable practices specialist, environmental scientist, and team leader for national and international natural resources and environmental projects, will explain how the application of sustainable practices can become a financial and economic challenge for individuals and the communities in which they live. He will explore, with examples, ways communities can overcome these challenges, and, in fact, benefit from the long-term cost-effectiveness and positive economic development of implementing sustainable measures.

Shirley Senarighi, LWVDC president states, “Sustainability has many definitions but all have a common theme of meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability promotes a healthy, safe, and economically secure environment for people and all living things that does not exceed the limits of the earth to renew itself. This principle of sustainability is of fundamental concern to the League of Women Voters and is consistent with many official league positions.”

For more information about the sponsoring organizations, contact the League of Women Voters through Shirley Senarighi at [email protected]. See the Sustain Door website at or email [email protected].