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A car can get you from point A to point B, but a bike can do that, and more. With gas prices factored down to zero and metabolism rates at an all time high, bikes prove to be the most efficient way to travel for some.

Angie Brusky and Josiah Lent are two such people. The entrepreneurs have started Door County’s first pedicab company, Peninsula Pedicab LLC.

Cy Lent fuels transportation for visitors in Fish Creek as the pedal power for Peninsula Pedicab.

Brusky, a UW-Madison grad, and Lent, a UW-Milwaukee grad, are both Door County natives that grew up biking. Lent’s parents own Edge of Park, a bike shop at the entrance to Peninsula State Park.

Both experienced the pollution and traffic congestion of big cities and decided that a pedicab service would solve a lot of the problems within the streets of Fish Creek as well.

“The business was born from a love of biking and a passion for Door County,” Lent said. “As Door County natives we were always ambassadors, but now we’re ambassadors on wheels.”

Fish Creek seemed like the right place because of all the traffic.

“I think our business adds to the ambience of the community,” Lent said.

Brusky added, “We wanted to bring something new and different to this beautiful city.”

The business got underway after they tried out a pedicab in Fort Worth and realized that it was a doable endeavor. Last fall the wheels really started turning, and they bought their first pedicab.

For this summer, Peninsula Pedicab only operates out of Fish Creek, but Lent and Brusky make an effort to be at all the festivals around Door County. The cab comfortably fits two adults and a child, and Lent and Brusky are willing to accommodate the needs of their passengers.

“If I am physically able, I will get you there,” Lent said.

Some might wonder how they stay in shape, especially when they make the effort to talk to clients while pedaling them around. When Lent is not on his pedicab biking others around, he’s doing personal biking or kayaking.

“Every day is a day to be active,” Lent said. And he holds true to his word, averaging about 4,000 miles a year on his bike, which breaks down to 100 – 125 miles a week – not including the time he spends powering the pedicab.

Lent and Brusky try to bike to work as much as possible from their home in Jacksonport. “It is very possible to live green via bicycle,” Lent said. “It seems difficult but it’s actually rewarding.”

“We do everything we can possibly think of,” Brusky said of going green. “It’s the responsible thing to do.”

Their business alone allows them to reduce pollution and promote a healthy alternative lifestyle.

“I try to be respectfully alternative,” Lent said. “I knew that I would not be living a corporate lifestyle, nine to five with a shirt and tie.”

You can see them riding around downtown Fish Creek in their green pedicab Wednesday through Sunday from 5:30 – 10 pm, weather permitting.

For more information about Peninsula Pedicab call 414.839.9360 or email [email protected].