Sustainologist to Speak

On Feb. 5 at 7 pm, the Climate Change Coalition will gather at Bjِrklunden for a presentation by Roger Kuhns titled “Global Warming: A Glimpse at How it Affects Wisconsin.” Kuhns explains, “We will first delve into the facts as understood by scientists. Then we will discuss some recommendations for policy and what we can do as individuals.”

Bjِrklunden is located on Boynton Lane, south of Baileys Harbor. The public is invited to attend.

Kuhns is an explorer who writes; he has traveled his entire life chronicling the world around him. Kuhns holds a Ph.D. in geology, and has worked as a geologist, ecologist, sustainologist and writer/singer throughout the world. He manages the sustainable practices firm SustainAudit LLC, and teaches sustainability and ecology at City College in New York City, as well as extended courses in geology, ecology and sustainability at University of Wisconsin Field Station (Milwaukee, Wis.) and The Clearing.

The Climate Change Coalition meets monthly with programs designed to educate, inspire and motivate people to act on behalf of our planet. Upcoming presenters include financial consultants from RH Group – Merrill Lynch Wealth Management speaking on sustainable investing (April 2) and local meteorologist Bruce Smith (May 7). The March 5 meeting will focus on preparations for a climate change conference in June. For more information contact [email protected].