Tag Monarch Butterflies at The Ridges

Throughout the world, there are no butterflies that migrate like North American Monarchs. Unable to survive a long cold winter, they must fly to warmer climates. Their unique wing structure and yearly life cycle makes it possible to travel thousands of miles to roosting areas in Mexico and southern California.

Learn more about monarchs at The Ridges Sanctuary during the Monarch Tagging program on Aug. 24 and 25 from 10 – 11:30 am. During this hands-on program, participants will look at the different stages in the monarch’s life cycle and learn how to raise them from egg to adult. The program ends by capturing and tagging butterflies in order to track them on their migration routes.

Monarch Tagging is a No Family Left Inside program, a series of activities designed to give parents and children the opportunity to reconnect with each other and the natural world through outdoor adventures.

The program will be presented at the Marshall Cabin located at 8288 Hwy Q in Baileys Harbor. This program is appropriate for all ages; however, an adult should accompany children under 10. The program fee is $15 per family for Ridges members and $20 per family for the general public.

For more information or to register call 920.839.2802 or visit