Book Recommendations

Throughout the year, the Pulse collects book recommendations from local bookstore and library employees. Check out these for some ideas on what to pick up next!

In addition, you can purchase any of these titles through the Hal Prize / 8142 Review Bookshop page: an online book retailer that supports independent bookstores.

Bookshop supports indies in two ways: 10% of regular sales on are added to an earnings pool that’s divided evenly and distributed to independent bookstores every six months. Stores that sell books online using Bookshop also earn 30% of the cover price on any sales they generate – which is the entire profit margin. Bookshop doesn’t earn money from bookstore sales.

As part of the affiliate program, the Hal Prize receives a small commission on any book sales made through our page, and Bookshop gives a matching amount to independent bookstores. Of course, the authors benefit as well!

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